Manage your GYM digitally through the software
Fast processing

Information about all activity is displayed on dashboard and yon can check or manage all process

Clients convenience
Membership Package

Your can add from various packages: Monthly Package, Quarterly Package, Half Yearly Package, Yearly Package, Two Yearly Package etc. add various price and Locker price according to package

Data safety
Today Follow UPs

Manage your followers on the daily basis

Comfort for you
Follow UPs Members

Manage members followers

Best and user friendly features for you
Enquiry Reports

check all enquiry

  • Search record
  • Edit and update
  • Active and Inactiv member
Mobile payments
Members Reports

It is a very simple method to manage all member :

  • Search Records
  • Update image via webcam
  • Check package and renew
Cyclic payments
Expiry Membership Reports
  • Display membership expiry date
  • Show purpose about join gym
  • more option display member profile ,show all records about member
Bank transfer & credit card payment
Expiry Lockers Reports

Show Lockers expiry date

  • Show Registration date
  • Show member status
  • Member locker
  • Package
Cyclic payments
Balance Reports

We enable you to check balance from your member .

  • Status
  • Member Image
  • Balance
  • Package
Bank transfer & credit card payment
Income Reports

The easiest way to check Income Reports online

  • Pay Date
  • Member Details
  • Package
  • NetAmount
  • PaidAmount
  • Balance
Cyclic payments
Expense Reports

Very simple way to manage your GYM expense.

  • Paid By
  • Paid To
  • In Favour
  • Net Amount
Bank transfer & credit card payment
Our SMS gateway

Our SMS - gateway partner online SMS process provider in high growth and very secure eCommerce markets worldwide as the industry leader in the Polish and many other local markets.

Our technology partner
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